March 15, 2022


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UKRAINE | Today is day 20 of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Here are your updates [more]:

  • Virtual negotiations between Russian and Ukrainian representatives were paused Monday with no clear breakthrough after several hours of talks. The talks, which an aide to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky says include the topics of “peace, ceasefire, immediate withdrawal of troops and security guarantees,” are scheduled to resume today.
  • Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is scheduled to deliver a virtual address to members of the U.S. Congress on Wednesday at 9am EDT. Additionally, Volodymyr will address a meeting of Canadian lawmakers today.
  • Reports say the leaders of Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovenia will travel to Kyiv today to meet with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. The visit comes amidst continuing Russian military pushes to move closer to the capital city’s center.
  • U.S. National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said yesterday that China could face unspecified sanctions if it assists Russia in evading or overcoming international sanctions against the Kremlin related to the invasion of Ukraine. Russian officials have denied requesting such aid from China.
  • Officials in the western Ukraine city of Antopol say at least 19 people were killed in a Russian rocket attack yesterday on a TV tower in the city.
  • The European Union today approved a fourth package of sanctions against Russia. Among the new sanctions are a denial of “most favored nation” trading status and a ban on the import of Russian steel.

WIKILEAKS | British Home Secretary Priti Patel is now set to decide on the extradition of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to the U.S. to face charges related to the distribution of classified materials after Britain’s top court on Monday refused to hear Assange’s latest appeal. [more]

COVID-19 | South Korea today reported its highest daily level of COVID-19-related deaths since the pandemic began. Health officials say there were 293 COVID-related deaths in the latest 24-hour period. [more]

COVID-19 | France yesterday lifted most COVID-19-related restrictions in the country, citing improved hospitalization levels and declining infections as reasons behind the move. [more]

EQUAL PAY | U.S. President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden are expected to take part in a White House event today commemorating Equal Pay Day. Biden is expected to announce measures to advance pay equity for women in  the federal workforce, including women employees of federal contractors. [more]

RIDESHARE | Leading rideshare companies Uber and Lyft have both announced plans to add small additional fees on rides in the U.S. to help offset rising gasoline prices. Uber’s per-trip additional fee of $0.45 or $0.55 will go into effect on Wednesday, while Lyft has yet to announce a starting date. [more]

MUSIC | Country Music Hall of Fame member Dolly Parton said yesterday that she is withdrawing from this year’s nominations for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, saying she hasn’t “earned that right.” Parton further explained that she did not want to take away votes from the remaining nominees. [more]

INDIA | A court in India’s Karnataka state today upheld a ban on the wearing of hijab by Muslim females in schools and colleges in the state, saying that the Muslim headscarf is not an essential religious practice of Islam. [more]

GOLF | Australian Cameron Smith won the Players Championship golf tournament yesterday, finishing his final round by one-putting eight of his last nine holes.  [more]

NCAA BASKETBALL | A report from the American Gaming Association suggests that  $3.1 billion in bets will be placed by some 45 million Americans on this year’s March Madness men’s college basketball championship tournament. [more]

NBA | Minnesota Timberwolves center Karl-Anthony Towns scored a career-high 60 points in the Timberwolves’ 149-139 win over the San Antonio Spurs last night. Towns’ point total was the highest scored by a player in a single game in the NBA this season. [more]

TODAY IN HISTORY | On this date in 1917, during the first phase of the Russian Revolution, Tsar Nicholas II was forced to abdicate, thus ending the rule of the Romanov dynasty. [more history]

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